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Sefirot Consulting works with organizations in the US and all over the world. We don't generally do time sheets because we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is and often seek performance based compensation where the better we are for your bottom line the more we earn.

The team at Sefirot is willing and able to get your business where you want it to be — in front of the people who don't yet know they love your brand.

Sefirot needs to see your organization thrive and prosper because that is the standard by which we measure our own success. Sefirot doesn't put stock in cutout approaches with regards to working with clients; Sefirot creates procedures that are novel (or established industry best practices) for your business, your industry, and your mission needs.

It's not all about money, We want to work with progressive, ambitious brands, & Multigenerational Companies no matter their scale or age.

Sefirot is a boutique agency that caters for large corporations while also remaining agile enough to dish it out for Owner/operator businesses. This gives variety to day to day life and keeps us nimble as an organization. Sefirot takes particular interest in working with not for profit organizations contributing to;

 Women's equity, local, regional or national community orgs, Annual Events, Cultural Heritage destinations, progressive political action campaigns, Diversity Equity & Inclusion groups as well as those seeking to uplift the LGBTQ community.

Because Sefirot is a boutique agency, we have the luxury of providing customer service and attention to detail that is second to none. This in part because we have a team made up of people with uncommon skill sets that would normally be found working for several different agencies instead of together under our roof.

As the client, your best interest will always be put first.

Sefirot Consulting is structured for adaptive innovation with a rare talent for outside context problem solving - More than just the partner managing your account, every member of our team can make contributions to enhance every project we take on. This is in part, how we specialize in connecting people, gathering knowledge, and interfacing insights. Through our SEO, PPC, Content guidance, experiential events and so much more, we will increase the gravity of your brand presence and, most importantly, your income.

We pride ourselves on providing you with one thing: #Results.

Sefirot directs marketing clients with Exploration, Hypothesis, Testing, Followed by Results. In any case, it's a cooperation - we start with your explaining the current state of your business, where you believe that it should develop, your perspective on rivals, We pay attention to you, your brief, take the time to internalize your data and offer our guidance. Analyzing your competitors and what they are doing well, and not so well, also opens a discussion about areas for improvement.

In most cases this IS worked out in just a fifteen minute phone call.

On the off chance that we aren't in total agreement - no additional time must be squandered.

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