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Market spaces where startups we are working with are preparing to cause disruption

The world is moving through numerous 'Triple points' which is our internal term for the intersection of 'fast moving water', Emerging social needs & market Vacuums. As a result it is a fundamental element of our brand identity to attract entrepreneurial talent which makes us smarter and better poised to springboard internal and external opportunities, be they real estate or intellectual property we are ready and willing to enter a Joint Venture to bring long shots into the daylight.

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Anti Surveillance Clothing and apparel

This stealth startup inspired by cassette futurism is pioneering active and passive countermeasures for passive and incidental facial recognition, along with significantly increasing the ' time to find' in active search scenarios catering to personal privacy enthusiasts, Ultra High net worth individuals and their families, as well as Persons engaged or engaged by the public domain.

Virtual Experience Engines & frameworks for their profitable use

This early stage industry collective unifies behind certain as yet to be solidified basic codes of operation and categorization of experiences. Using platform agnostic profit models for a variety of b2b, b2c & p2p/P2c applications using a narrative framework of procession. Bridging the divide between virtual and physical spaces with as yet to be adopted platforms.

Commoditizing the use of property and collective benefit

a custom coded marketplace, insurance, inventory & estate management, rental and data capture application for mobile and desktop that uses cryptowallet security and anonymized identity to permit collective rental of the contents of your neighbors storage units. by allowing them to use a combinatoion of photogrammetry and SKU codes to pull up market valuations and product information and then permit the licensing of access or ownership use while remaining covered for replacement and indemnified for any harm

MountainFjord Events, Experiences & Hospitality

A budding multi concept Lifestyle corporation offering best in class hospitality experiences ranging from yearly festival scale events, to seasonal intimate networking retreats, and destination worthy restaurants, bars & Nightclubs.