Full service Event Production, Ticketing & Marketing

Business Critical Audit services

Narrative Virtual Experiences, NFT Fulfillment Campaigns & web 2.0 foundations for web 3.0 ventures

Branding Services

Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Event space & Nightclub Services

Responsive Search Engine Optimization

Business Owner, & Startup Support services

A la Carte Service Package

General Business Services

Digital Footprint Analysis 

Social Media management

Business Development

Hospitality, Nightclub, Event, Restaurant, Seasonal Business Services

Marketing Campaign for the shorter of either 90 days or campaign duration

Email Marketing Sales/Drip Campaign/funnel administration 

(generally recommended 20 weeks/year)

Photography services

Menu Photography 

Venue/Restaurant empty or staged pictures

Team, Office, staff group or ID photos 

Event Photography 

Human Resources & Management Consulting;

Interim operations or management team  (hospitality)

Production Manager (Event, Festival, Tradeshow)

Quartermaster, Inventory, Cash &/or product 

Production Coordinator 

Marketing Coordinator