Request for Proposal, Joint Venture, Real Estate & Investment Opportunities

Event Sponsorship, or Equity Investment

Sponsors are an integral and valued part of events, and we embraces a 'whatever it takes' culture to ensure each investment delivers not only for their brand but for the participants in the events with opportunities spanning Events, activations, cross media platforms and so much more!

To find out more about partnering with us and how sponsorship opportunities work, please contact our team

We work with a range of early stage startups across industries, Sefirot works primarily by providing founder and bootstrapping support to emerging companies with high impact ideas. We believe strongly in finding tight alignment between angel investors & founders.

We have a particular affinity for investors sensitive to or borne from the Women's equity, local, regional or national community orgs, Annual Events, Personal/Physical privacy, Cultural Heritage destinations, product manufacturing, progressive political action campaigns, Diversity Equity & Inclusion groups.

Virtual Experience Engine Consortium

Sefirot is committed to pioneering the bleeding edge of mixed reality (virtual, physical, immersive & augmented experiences).

We are in the process of developing our own proof of concept projects and are always interested in exploring emerging platforms and creative spaces, particularly in the mixed reality event space.

Augmented reality showings of NFT'S in physical gallery spaces, Immersive theatre across physical and virtual rooms this is just some of what excites us!

Are you an innovator, Creator, Platform Developer, Venue operator or visionary?

We believe in collecting good people, Dont be shy - Strangers are just friends we havent met yet!

EB-5 Investment

Sefirot Consulting is in the process of assembling a long pipeline of premier investment through the development and acquisition of hospitality properties, primarily on the Coastal Metropolitan corridor of the US East Coast.

Sefirot has a team of experienced professionals combined with a robust network of owners and operators to assist in the expansion of its EB-5 program.

As part of the EB-5 program, foreign investors are currently required to invest $500,000 in a company that creates and maintains at least 10 jobs per investor to help stimulate the U.S. economy.

EB-5 investors will then be granted a conditional visa once their application has been approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), typically a one year process. Investors are then eligible to apply for permanent U.S. resident status given they demonstrate that the legally required economic benefits of their investments have been achieved through their investment.

Through this program, investors will have the opportunity to positively impact the regional and national economy by creating new jobs or saving positions that would otherwise be eliminated from the workforce. Sefirot is a firm believer that this program is a Triple net oppurtunity for all parties involved and is committed to maintaining best practices every step of the way. A happy investor leads to a lasting relationship, something Sefirot highly values.