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The management team at sefirot consulting comes from a combined six generations of consulting expertise covering such topics as business management, fundraising & Alumni Development, international banking standards, Insurance, Civil Architecture and Criminal Law on two continents so with all modesty intact we can say with confidence that we come from a rare lineage of excellence.

With team members from across the globe and areas of expertise ranging from startup founder support, to performing purchasing audits for companies decades old. If our extensive array of services do not cover your needs we are certainly qualified to identify and refer to you those who can.

Sefirot Consulting is built around the value of human connection. We believe in the power of our people and yours. When we solve problems, We believe in bespoke solutions that solve more than the problems of today by looking forward to the foundations of tommarow.

Together we will evaluate, understand and then build your continued sustainable growth

We believe in collecting good people and strong relationships

Join Our Circle. Let's Succeed Together.

Do you or your organization need support?, Outside context problem shaking your world?

Or a new venture that just has to succeed?

Sefirot Consulting is able to act in your interests and toward the accomplishment of your goals!

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